15 Clinchers to Motivate and Persuade

What's a clincher? It's a statement at the end of your promotional piece, that motivates the reader to take the next step.

Up to this point, your material is focused on persuading the reader that he or she really needs your service or product. Now, when they're teetering on the brink of a decision, it's time to use some nifty phrases to help push them over the edge.


Here are some examples for you to copy. Or to use as patterns to adapt to your own situation.

15 Clinchers to Motivate and Persuade

- Why settle for [this] when you can have [that]?

- What do you have to lose?

- We have only a limited supply.

- You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

- That's all it takes.

- Don't miss out!

- Put these ideas to work for you.

- Now it's time for you to make a winning decision.

- Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

- Reserve your [item] today.

If your goal is to have people contact you, here are some clinchers that will help get them to pick up the phone or make a beeline for your store.

- Please don't hestitate to call us.

- We'd love to hear from you.

- Just give us a call.

- All you have to do is fill out the enclosed form.

- Come in and introduce yourself to us!

Often promotional materials leave you thinking "What now?" When you use a powerful clincher, the reader knows exactly what's expected of her. Without any direction, she's at a loss to know what happens next. When you don't give clear instructions, she'll be confused and is likely to leave your website, discard your letter, or just dump your ad in the trash can.

It's up to you to make sure she doesn't.

Now it's your turn: What clinchers could you use to underscore your offer?

15 Clinchers to Motivate and Persuade

Maggie Dennison is a Marketing Consultant and Writer. She is the author of "11 Steps To Marketing Materials That Get You Clients NOW!" Maggie holds a Master's Degree in Applied Psychology, and is fascinated with what triggers people to do the things they do. And that's exactly what marketing materials are all about. Pick up a free report "11 Keys to Website Content That Works" at her website http://MyMarketingmessage.com.