Does He Love Me? - Test Whether He Has Feelings For You

If you have your eye on a special someone or are dating him already, you may be asking yourself, "Does he love me?" Sometimes it is very hard to know what a man is really feeling. When you have a crush on or are deeply in love with a man, it is natural to desperately want to know where he stands in terms of his love for you. Does he love you - or is he just possibly interested in your for the short term with no real intention of making this a long-term (or life-long) commitment to love?

If these types of questions are running through your mind constantly, take this short test to find out if he really has feelings of love for you.


1. Does his face light up whenever you are near?

Does He Love Me? - Test Whether He Has Feelings For You

The eyes are the window to the soul, as my grandmother used to always say. Pay close attention to his eyes whenever his is near. Of course, his showing strong eye contact when he talks to you is important - but that is only half of the story. After all, eye contact can merely mean he is he interested in you physically, or that he just likes you as a friend. However, if you can tell that he gets a real sense of joy whenever you are around, that can be a strong indicator of his deeper feelings for you.

2. Does he show signs of being protective or slightly jealous over you?

A man who has deep feelings for a woman are almost always motivated to protect the object of his love and affection. This tendency probably has evolutionary roots in our past, when men literally fought for the woman they wanted to mate with. While we are way past these primordial cave man days, men who carry a beloved woman in their hearts always feel the need to make her feel protected and safe at all times. This feeling can be likened to the maternal instinct in women as they protect their young - and we all know how strong that can be. So, look for signs that he gets a little jealous over you or wants to ensure your safety and well-being.

3. Does he ever ask about your family or friends?

If your man (or the man you want to make yours) is thinking thoughts of love and commitment about you, he will definitely want to get to know you at a deeper level. Your guy will want to know all about your family and your friends, because asking these questions makes him feel closer to you. And, his asking these questions indicates that he is not just in it for the short term - or just interested in a purely physical relationship.

4. Does he talk about your future together?

Similarly, a man who really loves you will have thoughts of your mutual future together. He will occasionally make references to something you will do together next month or next year. This indicates that, in his mind's eye, he is making plans for larger future and that this future includes you in a starring role.

5. Does ask about what you were like as a child?

You know your man is crazy for you if he asks questions about what it was like for you growing up. This, too, indicates that he has deep feelings for you. He wants to know more about what makes you tick - what makes you who you are. The more details he asks, the surer you can be that he is interested.

While it is impossible to read his mind, in many ways your man is not as complex as you may think: you can figure out what he is really feeling. So, if you are asking yourself, "Does he love me?", test yourself by answering these 5 simple questions.

Does He Love Me? - Test Whether He Has Feelings For You

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